At Indiana Casino & Poker Rentals we hire only the most professional and personable dealers. Gary, for example, is a seasoned casino professional, and has over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry. He spent several years as a Table Games Supervisor at the Grand Victoria Casino, where he managed over 24 table games and dealers. Whether he is dealing Craps, Poker, Blackjack or any other game, he is always having fun and making sure that your guests are having a great time!

Our company has had many holiday events in the past, and Indiana Casino & Poker Rentals made this year’s one for the record books. It was fun, exciting, fun, fast paced, fun, memorable, and…did I mention FUN? Everyone that attended – and it was our largest attendance ever – had a great time. And, in the end, the only question I had to answer was “how are you going to top this next year”. I’ll let Indiana Casino & Poker Rentals worry about that. Thank You!

Jeff Romaine, Brightstar US

Indiana Casino and Poker Rentals - Let it Ride Party

Let it Ride


Let It Ride is an exciting casino variation of poker. Players wager on a poker hand consisting of three cards in the player's hand and two community cards in the dealer's hand. The payout is determined by the ranking of the player's hand and the payout schedule. Played against the casino rather than other players, Let It Ride's relatively slow pact and more lenient betting rules make it a popular choice for both young and old players alike. Our professional Let It Ride tables are of the highest quality, and we provide every accessory as well as a professional dealer to ensure your Let It Ride experience will be exciting and memorable.

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